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Serocell-free culture and amplification technology platform - the cornerstone of the development of individual cell immunotherapy products, immune cells can grow, amplify and maintain anti-tumor activity in vitro without serum conditions. The cell culture efficiency of the serum-free technology platform is similar to that of the serum culture platform, which can minimize the risk of heterogeneous reaction and contamination in order to reduce clinical side effects.

Genetic modification and transduction technology platform - optimized gene vector and gene transduction technology platform, through optimized vector selection and transduction efficiency,T cells can transduction and expression of macromolecule genes, can be used in the production of a variety of CAR-T cells and TCR-T cells.

Specific T-cell In vitro Induction and Amplification Technology Platform - Technical Platform for In vitro Amplification of Antigen-Specific T Cells, can be used for clinical treatment and screening of TCR genes to build TCR-T cells.

Plasbide, viral carrier production and purification technology platform - for cell gene modification of plasmid, slow virus carrier production and purification technology platform, can be mass stable production of a large number of clinical lysage standards of slow virus vectors, for all types of gene transduction cells (CAR-T,TCR-T)preparation anduse, and can provide CMC services.

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