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Immunotech Biopharm Ltd with Germany  Kolbe to build a new intelligent pharmaceutical factor

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On June 4, 2021, Yongtai biology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with German kolber in Beijing. Mr. Wang, CEO of Yongtai biology, and Mr. Zheng leiming, general manager of korber medical technology in China attended the signing ceremony.

As the leader of cellular immunotherapy in China, Yongtai biology always takes digital and intelligent construction as one of the company's core strategies. Based on the in-depth accumulation and market strategy of Yongtai biology in the field of cellular immunity research and development, as well as the continuous technological innovation and intelligent solutions of colper in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 125 years, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

This cooperation will be the most important step taken by Yongtai biology towards "intelligent manufacturing": by introducing MES, Yongtai biology will build a new intelligent pharmaceutical factory with both safety and efficiency, realize the interconnection of production and manufacturing links and data interaction, accelerate the strategic process of digitization and intelligence, and continue to maintain and set up the industry model, To provide higher quality products and services.

As for the cooperation, Mr. Wang, CEO of Yongtai biology, said: "I'm very glad to reach a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with German kolber group. As the leading product of MES market in pharmaceutical industry, colber's Veron solution has unique innovation consciousness and industry best practice experience. Its core product pas-x MES has complete functions and mature products, which fully integrates software, content and services. It is stable and efficient, and can realize the rapid landing of the system. We hope that through the complementary advantages of both sides, we can lay a solid foundation for Yongtai biology to accelerate the layout of the national industrial map and promote commercialization, and provide strong technical support for us to achieve the ultimate goal of curing cancer. "

Mr. Zheng leiming of Cooper group said: "under the background of industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and the integration and promotion of" two modernizations "in various industries across the country, the field of scientific and technological auxiliary pharmacy is the future development direction. Kolber's Veron solutions have always focused on the factory and supply chain level, while taking into account the special requirements of regulators and the industry itself, providing out of the box solutions. MES is an important entry point and breakthrough to promote intelligent manufacturing, and an important carrier of digital transformation of pharmaceutical enterprises. As a leader in the field of cellular immunotherapy, Yongtai biology has advanced innovative consciousness and concept. We believe that our cooperation will fully drive the rapid development of pharmaceutical 4.0 and promote the new breakthrough of intelligent technology in pharmaceutical industry. "

About Yongtai biology

Yongtai biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of immunotherapy drugs, with international advanced technology and rich research and development experience. Since its establishment in 2006, Yongtai biology has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "let life continue in our hands", focusing on scientific research and technological innovation, and committed to the application of immunology, cell biology, genetics and other theories, combined with international cutting-edge technical experience, to research and develop immune cell therapy products for major diseases such as malignant tumors, Focus on building a systematic platform for the development of immune cell products and a production quality management platform for the manufacture of individualized cell products in line with GMP standards, and strive to build the first brand in the field of cell technology in China.


About Colbert

Kolber is an international technology group headquartered in Germany, with more than 10000 employees worldwide and more than 100 branches on all continents. The common goal of our colleagues is to transform entrepreneurship into customer success and promote technological change. Provide inspiring products, solutions and services in digital, pharmaceutical technology, supply chain, paper technology and tobacco business.