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jianjie  Introduction of major partners and cooperation projects

a. China Food and Drug Administration Institute
(1) conducting a commission test of cell products;
(2) Entrusted inspection of the cell bank for production
(3) Entrusted inspection of the strain library and plasmid bank for production
(4) Study on pharmacodynamics of CAR-T cells in vivo
(5) Cooperative research on CAR-T cell technology and quality standards (National Ministry of Science and Technology Support Project)
(6) Cooperate with preclinical studies of CAR-T-19 cells (Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission support project).
b. National Security Evaluation Center
Entrusted with all relevant safety and pharmacological pharmacokinetic studies of cell products
c. Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Study on the separation and preparation process of lentivirus purification
d. Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital
(1) Clinical study of CAR-T-19 cells
(2) Phase II clinical trial of EAL (multi-center lead unit. Other participating units include: Peking University People's Hospital, Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking University Clinical Oncology College, Capital Medical University Beijing You'an Hospital, People's Liberation Army 302 Hospital , Naval General Hospital, Tianjin Cancer Hospital)
(3) CAR-HBV-T cell research and development (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
e. Peking University People's Hospital
(1) Phase 6B11 clinical trial
(2) Clinical study of CAR-T-19 cells
f. Beijing Daopei Hospital, Peking University First Hospital, 301 Hospital
CAR-T-19 cell clinical study