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Core technology introduction
a) serum-free culture and amplification platform technology of immune cells
The company has established a serum-free culture and amplification technology platform for immune cells. In this platform, immune cells including T cells, genetically modified T cells, antigen-specific T cells, dendritic cells (DC), NK cells and other tumor and virus treatment can be used in serum-free conditions in vitro. It grows, expands and maintains its anti-tumor and anti-viral activity. This platform has become the cornerstone of Yongtai's biological individualized immune cell product development.
b) Gene Transduction Technology Platform
The company has developed an optimized gene vector and gene transduction technology platform. On this platform, T cells can transduce and express macromolecular genes through vector selection and optimization of transduction efficiency. The platform enables the company to have the ability to produce all CAR-T cells, TCR-T cells.
c) Specific T cell in vitro induced amplification technology platform
In vitro specific T cell induction is a technical problem in the world. The specific T cell in vitro induction amplification technology platform established by Yongtai is a key basic technology for in vitro expansion of antigen-specific T cells for clinical treatment and screening of TCR genes for TCR-T cells.
d) Individualized Cell Drug New Drug Development Platform
The successful introduction of individualized immune cell drugs, the rapid advancement and completion of preclinical research is the key. After nearly 10 years of exploration, the company has established a fluent individualized immune cell drug new drug research and development platform, which can quickly complete preclinical research on individualized cell products.