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Immunotech Biopharm Ltd: (stock code: 06978.HK, referred to as " Immunotech Biopharm ") is one of the earliest enterprises in China to conduct research on individualized cellular immunotherapy products in accordance with drug registration, and is one of the earliest new drugs enterprise to apply to the National Medical Products Administration for approval for clinical trials. It is the first cellular immunotherapy company in China to be successfully listed under Chapter 18A of the Listing Rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

It has be responsible for  more than ten national ministries and municipal scientific research projects, and has been accredited as a High and New Technology enterprise. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Give Life a Second Chance", adhered to the quality policy of "patient-centered, standardized, implemented, supervised, and improved", and made every effort to develop cellular immunotherapy products for major diseases such as malignant tumours, committed to building an intelligent manufacturing factory for cellular immunotherapy drugs that meets GMP requirements.



Immunotech Biopharm 's core technical team consists of senior tumor immunologists with strong professionalism and industry foresight. The company has highly coordinated departments such as R&D center, quality center and production center, forming a perfect R&D management system and quality management system, the company brings together talents from many well-known domestic and foreign universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Institute of Inspection and Quarantine, Drexel University. It has accumulated rich experience in pharmaceutical research and development, process and testing practice, which can provide a strong guarantee for product research and development.

After years of development, Immunotech Biopharm has built a complete R&D system, covering theoretical demonstration, experimental research, in vitro experiments, animal experiments, safety evaluation, clinical research, etc., and established a comprehensive cellular immunotherapy drugs R&D and production platform. The company has developed more than ten cellular immunotherapy product research and development pipelines for major malignant tumours such as solid tumours and hematological tumours, covering gene/non-genetic modification, multi-target/single-target products. Among them, EAL? is the first cellular immunotherapy product approved to enter the Phase II clinical trial of solid tumour treatment in China, and clinical trials have been carried out in 15 tertiary hospitals across the country, including Peking Union Medical College Hospital and the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In the future, EAL will fill the blank of cellular immunotherapy in the field of solid tumours in our country, which is of milestone significance.

At present, Immunotech Biopharm is fully promoting the industrialization layout. The total area of the R&D and production center in Beijing is nearly 30,000 square meters. It is mainly used for the preclinical and clinical research and development of cellular immunotherapy products, and supports the initial market demand after the product is launched. All the medical clean room have obtained the Clean Workshop (area) Inspection Report issued by a qualified third-party testing agency. In June 2021, the cellular immunotherapy drug industrialization base in Beijing (with a total construction area of 120,000 square meter) has been officially started construction. At the same time, the company also promoted the establishment of production centers in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Sichuan-Chongqing and other regions, covering densely populated areas across the country. The company will accelerate the progress of clinical trials and focus on meeting future commercialization needs.

Immunotech Biopharm Ltd: The first cellular immunotherapy company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange